CACI Flash 1 Plus

With the CACI FLASH Intense Pulsed Light treatment you can be confident in the knowledge that you are choosing a clinically proven and technologically advanced treatment from an award winning company, which is SAFE, GENTLE, FAST and EFFECTIVE.

The CACI FLASH system offers you the most effective non-invasive solution for the treatment of excessive hair growth and skin rejuvenation. It can help smooth the appearance of fine lines, tighten enlarged pores, lighten pigmentation, reduce redness, improve vascular conditions, soften scars and heal active acne.

How does it work?

For hair removal – The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) system works to reduce unwanted hair with maximum results. It destroys the follicle of the hair that enables it to grow again. Pigments in the hair shaft absorb the light, resulting in heat damage to each follicle of the hair. Damaged hairs are eliminated with long-term results. The IPL system has an even greater effect when applied at the growing stage of the hair. Hence the reason for a course of treatments.

Hair Removal

Area Individual Cost Course of 10
Lip £35.00 £315.00
Chin £40.00 £360.00
Underarm £45.00 £405.00
Forearm £75.00 £675.00
Bikini Line (Standard) £50.00 £450.00
Bikini Line (High) £60.00 £540.00
Brazilian Bikini Line £75.00 £675.00
Legs (Upper or Lower) £95.00 £855.00
Full Leg £185.00 £1655.00
Sides of Face £55.00 £495.00
Lower Back £60.00 £540.00
Upper Back £90.00 £810.00
Shoulders £95.00 £855.00
Back & Shoulders £185.00 £1665.00
Abdomen Line £45.00 £405.00

Prior to beginning a course of IPL hair removal a full consultation and patch test is required, A fee of £25.00 will be charged for this but is fully refundable against your first course. Treatments are repeated every 4 weeks and in between appointments you can continue to remove the hair growth as and when required by shaving.