Venus Freeze Treatments

Look Better and Feel Younger with the Venus Freeze

We are delighted to offer you the latest in skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing technology: "The Venus Freeze". It is already an A-listers, cat-walk and red-carpet celebrity favourite for improving appearance and shape.

Venus Freeze Delivers Noticeable Results

The Venus Freeze delivers a versatile set of non-painful, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments that have proven time-and-again to be effective in:

Effective Venus Freeze Treatments

The main Venus Freeze treatments are for skin tightening, such as facial lines, reducing wrinkles and anti-ageing of skin. Freeze can also deliver great results for cellulite reduction, inch-loss and body contouring. Many new mums use the treatment to combat "mummy tummy". After a short course of treatments your skin will be tighter and feel smoother.

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It is suitable for the face, neck and body and popular with men and women. Despite its name, the 'Freeze' treatment is warm and relaxing. Most patients are surprised that a Venus Freeze treatment is actually quite pleasant, some have been known to fall asleep!

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The Global Success

18.5 million Venus Freeze treatments have been administered across the globe using its innovative and patented mix of technologies (Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse). It has proven over and over to deliver quick and lasting results in skin care. No wonder then that A-listers, celebrities and supermodels already know how good the "Freeze Facial" is having used it at fashion shows, Hollywood red carpets and TV awards. It has been featured in countless US reality shows and news bulletins.

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Try the Venus Freeze Facial

The Venus Freeze Facial has become very popular as you are just a few sessions away to a smoother skin with noticeable results but without the pain, knives or injections! It will smooth out the wrinkles and lines on your face or neck without any expensive or painful surgery. Of course results might vary so we highly recommend and advise on a short course of treatments (about 6 sessions) for better and longer lasting results.

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"My forehead was smoother, my eyebrows had risen, the skin beneath my eyebrows was tighter making my eyes appear more awake... It was extraordinary. Would I go back? Like a shot." A Daily Mail reviewer

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