CACI ChromaOxy

We are proud to introduce the CACI ChromaOxy machine, bringing you the latest in skin care technology. This system was designed to have an anti-ageing effect as well as improve a variety of common skin conditions such as :-

Lines and wrinkles – Acne - Sun Damage – Stretch Marks – Scar Tissue – Pigmentation – Dehydrated Skin – Poor Circulation

So what is ChromaOxy?

It is the only system on the market that is able to offer Microdermabrasion + Oxygen Therapy + Phototherapy + Chromatherapy

This system uses a combination of different technologies to painlessly target and tackle each clients individual skin requirements.


This is the new alternative to traditional MDA treatments. With this new system there will be NO recovery period, but it will condition, brighten and improve skin appearance.

Oxygen Therapy

This is the newest alternative to Mesotherapy and Botulinic Toxin Injections. By using pure Oxygen we feed nourishment into the skin making it look plumper, younger and brighter.


This blue LED light neutralises skin bacteria, cools down inflammation, reduces redness and speeds up the healing process.


This Red LED light helps increase production of collagen, therefore reducing lines & wrinkles, reduces pigmentation and improves appearance of scars.

Chroma Clear

The ChromaClear is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that propels perfectly round microspheres to exfoliate the surface of the skin, leaving behind a complexion with new found luminosity and youthful vitality. This is followed by a formulated hydrating and soothing gel mask to replenish dull, dehydrated skin. A series of red and blue led lights are then used to purify, soothe, and calm the skin.

45 minutes - £48.00
Course of 10 - £430.00

Oxygen Therapy

Every cell of your body needs Oxygen to live, Oxygen helps cells to live longer and slows down the ageing process. By infusing high pressure oxygen into the skin, it will keep the skin looking younger, plumper and brighter. A soothing, hydrating gel mask is applied to hydrate dull, thirsty skin. Whilst the mask hydrates the skin a series of blue and red led lights are used.

45 minutes - £48.00
Course of 10 - £430.00


Totally refresh grey and dull skin tone with this amazing combination of ChromaClear and Oxygen Therapy. Skin will appear more youthful, looking clearer and radiant.

70 minutes - £80.00
Course of 10 - £720.00

After completion of a course of treatments you will need to have a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks.